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About US


Gina has been synonymous with smiles for over 20 years.

Whether it’s helping you navigate a Home Purchase or creatively curating one of her famous “Smile & Sip” events. Gina Thompkins has been a servant to her community for over 20+ years.

“I am a native San Diegan who loves Real Estate and Painting. There is something about putting a paint brush in your hand that feels empowering.” – Gina T

With GinaSmiles Paint & Sip we start from a blank canvas to create your masterpiece! Don’t worry, I provide step-by-step instructions. I am with you all the way. You will create something magical. No Experience is required. Paint & Sip Parties are fun for any occasion and all ages. Invite your friends, serve some wine and appetizers, or not and I will bring all of the painting supplies. Prepare to have a good time. Let’s Paint!
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10+ Years Artist Experience

Quality and sophistication in years of dedication

GinaSmiles is so tremendous in her paintings that she will be able to create paintings with perfection and via her innovative competencies she will be able to draw a masterpiece.

She is so skillful & confident in her paintings that she will provide you with thoughts approximately the innovative paints in addition to guide you to create it like a PROFESSIONAL Artist (Even if you are a beginner or of any age). 

Quality of her work is in no way compromised as she have almost 20+ experience on this area, You can invite your friends and also can revel in with your households in gatherings. While having a sip of your favored wine and appetizers you can enjoy the magic and might have inner peace and a laugh.

It will be honor for her in case you work under her guidance & get more and more skillful, so why waste time? Join us to be a part of us.

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We all love having fun while dancing, socializing, enjoying the moment while listening to the song
and the most important “DRAWING”.

Join us and be a part of our enjoying moment, You can contact us on our 
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SIP & PAINT is all about connecting with your friends, family & Colleagues.
“No Creative Skill is required”


Quality assurance for many years

Aside from being an amazingly talented artist, Gina is an independent professional business owner, a loving & playful mother, and a faithful and loyal friend. Gina is also a devoted Christian, putting her faith into action in her professional and personal ventures.

Gina began her journey with a vision to empower and inspire individuals to express themselves creatively… to detach from the daily routine of work and technology and to reconnect with friends, family, and colleagues, creating fun memories and sparking new friendships along the way.

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